European Maccabi Confederation – EMC

The European Maccabi Confederation (EMC) promotes a wide range of programs encompassing tournaments and competitions, leadership training and development, Israel tours and programs together with social and cultural events throughout Europe.

Through the EMC’s education department and the Future Leaders Forum the EMC is committed to developing a new generation of Maccabi leaders.

Building upon the traditions of the Maccabi Movement the EMC is constantly seeking new and innovative ways of communicating effectively with its membership. The EMC’s banner headline “Promoting Jewish Activity in Europe” expresses its aim to enrich and enhance the quality of Jewish lives by healthy pursuits.

Israel is at the very heart of the EMC’s core values and, through youth groups, gap year programs, sports tours, seminars and international Maccabi meetings, offers members an opportunity to join with other Maccabi members from Israel and around the world.